Play The Unblocked Games For Free

Wondering what to play when you are at school? The unblocked games can be a good option that you can have enjoying the real fun accompanied with all the smarter features. You can find numerous sites from where you can get access to thousands of unblocked games that would help you to manage success at your ease. Those games would assist you in spending some real time eliminating all the tedious matters in life. Just, you need to download a software using which you first should unblock the game after which you can start playing free from any worries knowing you would win.

Get Familiar With the Tricks-

Once, you get the desired game; you need to be well aware of the tricks that would be useful to play the game at your ease. Make sure you follow the terms and conditions ensuring that you would be able to play the game without any difficulties. You can even consult with an expert who can reveal you the relevant facts ensuring that you can manage the game experiencing the real fun. Sometimes, you also get the online help that would be another good option to save your time and there is no need to visit an expert. The forums available are even the most helpful option where you can join the discussion threads knowing certain relevant facts about the games.

Contact the Support-

While playing the games if you face any problem without any hesitation you should communicate with the support to resolve the issues. You can directly call them up, or you can communicate via chat that would aid you to carry out the activities comprehending the features in the right way. Also, ensure that you choose the right game that would help you to get confident, as you know the game attributes very well. Make sure you get good graphics and other technical options due to which the game earns real popularity. Also, follow user reviews knowing you are at the right place, and you can play the game along with optimistic outputs making your dreams come true. Ensure that you go the right support where you can proper data helping you to go ahead.

Get Perfect Services-

Alongside, you should know that you are getting excellent services with appropriate terms of use that would help you to become a real user. Also, get familiar with the rewards you are going to earn according to which you would fix the strategies. Minecraft Unblocked game is an excellent game that consists of the compelling features, and you can play it with all the technical options working perfectly.


So, download a perfect App and go ahead unblocking a game or you can be directly unblocked games. Only knowing the suitable tricks, you can achieve the winning position and can gain ultimate confidence. No need to invest a single penny while playing these unblocked games and alongside you can even go on with the fun. This is the most important feature of unblocked games, and you can get a clear view how to play unblocked games for free easily.

Why Mp3 SKull is the best music download site

Mp3 skull is one of the best apps for those users who are fond of music. This app allows a user to download the music files to their mobile devices for completely free. Basically, it searches the free music from the internet and provides you the link to download the files.

Skull Mp3 site does not host any mp3s in it but it uses the servers like YouTube, Sound Cloud, vk, Yandex, Goear, yourlisten, 4 shared, Archive, PromoDJ, and 3D. As this app uses these most popular file hosting sites as the main server, with this app you will feel like all your favorite music files at your finger- tips. If your device is connected to the internet, then you can listen and download all your favorite tracks.

This site is one of the best apps for downloading music. It is regarded as one of the most essential and awesome mobile apps by the users. The reasons for recognizing this app as one of the awesome app are as follow:

  • Access to millions of songs

This app user various sites such as YouTube, YouTube, Sound Cloud, vk, Yandex, Goear, yourlisten, 4 shared, Archive, PromoDJ, and 3D as its main source for the mp3 files. These are the top file sharing sites. So, you can find all the music files you want to listen. You can not only listen to the files but also can download the files and listen to them offline.

  • easy and user-friendly interface

This app has an easy and user-friendly interface. Anyone can use this app without any difficulties. You can find different command in the menu and perform the tasks like searching, adding files in your library, view the downloading music files, view the downloaded music files.

  • free apps

This app is completely free apps. You can download this app for free and with this free app you can download unlimited free music from the internet. While downloading music you don’t have to pay any charge for the music. You can directly search the music files you want to listens from the menu and listen them or download them if you like. This type of easy feature is not available in most of the apps that promise to download the free music.

  • Low memory size

With the features, it provides, anyone might have the idea that this is a huge file and will need larger space for installing in a device. But no, this app requires 3 MB space for installing. So if you are using old mobile sets which don’t have big space and external storage capacity, you can use this app in your device and enjoy the music you like. And it also supports the android version 2.3 and higher which means you can run this app in the very older device too.

  • Support multiple downloads at a time

This app supports multiple downloads at the same time. You can download numerous files at a time which is not supported by other apps. In other apps, you have to wait for completion of the download to download other files but with this app, you can download multiple mp3s at same time.

Framaroot features and review

Framaroot has beaten the other rooting applications lock stock and barrel as it can complete the task of using software of varying hues over the phone. How many times people download games from the Google play store only to find that the root access is not allowed?

The launch of the application such Framaroot has proved to be a boon for the users who are not able to follow the complex instructions of rooting. Let us take a look at some of the best attributes that have made the application as one of the hottest commodities on the market.

Amazing features:

User interface:

 One of the best attributes of the Framaroot is that it has a simple user interface without any complexity. In other words, people can follow the instructions carefully and get the job done in the blink of an eyelid.

Script features:

 It is one of the applications that can execute the script during the rooting of the device. One should name the script as the custom for it uses the SD card memory path for accomplishing the task. In order to deal with the script, the user should be completely aware of the objectives or the whole device might malfunction.

Multiple supports:

 Framaroot can run on multiple devices however of you do not have information, it is vital to look at the list available in the online domain. While installing, users have to check the exploit according to their requirements and specifications. The application may generate a pop-up indicating that the process is half successful. In order to complete the whole procedure, the device has to be rebooted. If the user still faces the problem in installation, he or she should select a different exploit to try rooting the device.

Single click option:

 Remember the days when you had to visit the website and analyze how to root the Android device in different steps? Although the heading stated the word “Simple,” the process was anything but easy. Technical know-how was required to root the device. The advent of Framaroot has hidden the complexity of the task as you can gain access to the system file of the device with a single click. The days of understanding each instruction in the blog are long gone.

No need for the Laptop:

 Often people visited local technician’s shop to root the device because the process involved the connection of the smartphone to the Laptop. It was a complex task, and only a professional could handle the situation. Framaroot has made the laptop redundant because the processing can be carried out on the machine without any hassles.

How has super SU made the features unique?

 Super SU is the silent workhorse of the Framaroot app because it acts as the privacy manager to handle the security related aspects of the system. Rather than giving a free for all access, it prompts the user for permission to a particular application. Final access rests with the individuals. Therefore, they can not only make full use of the capabilities of the Smartphone but protect it from internet attacks.

If you are looking to root your android and do not have a PC, I would recommend you to download framaroot asap. It would certainly help you out.

Aptoide alternatives and similar software

Aptoide is the market store of different android applications and games which is more or less similar like Play Store. It is similar to Google Play Store but unlike Google Play Store, Aptoide is distributed market plance which means aptoide has more than one or decentralized store. In aptoide, user can have his own app store and others can download them.

In aptoide, you can not only download the software but also it enables you to upload the application in the store and others can download( the application for free. You can get many paid software for free from aptoide.

We can find different application software which is similar to aptoide application which enables you to download different new software and paid software for free. Most of these application voids the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement so we cannot find these software on the Play Store and we are unaware of these types of software. We have to download these types of software from the official websites. Some of alternatives and similar software are:

  • AppBrain

AppBrain is one of the best app market stores like Google Play Store where you can find different new and old software for android application. It is the best app market and app discovery tool for your android devices. You can get free apps and downloads, the price drops, wall papers and different stuffs for your android device.

  • F- Droid

F- Droid is a software stores where we can get only free applications and games. We can get the application without being registered to the website or client app. This F- droid also offers the source code of applications it hosts which allows anyone using this app to set up their own store.

  • SlideMe

SlideMe is one of the best alternatives of Google play that offers a wide range of different free applications and games. We can also get a premium or a paid games and software in this side. SlideMe offers a platform for uniting app developers and users. This helps to promote the small android developers and their creative effort.

  • Getjar

Getjar is an independent application store for android OS devices like Google Play Store which offers different categories to its clients such as games, social and messaging, entertainment, finance, foods, health, life- styles, maps, music, news and weather, wall papers, gadgets, travels, tools and many others

  • Phoload

Phoload is a website or an application store which helps you to discover and downloading free android applications and games. It provides you services by finding applications and games for free. We can find different applications and software in phoload. In phoload you can also filter software by the phone type or you can choose them from different categories like games, language tools, music, maps, etc.

  • Android Pit

It is another best store for free and paid apps. You can get different software and games for free in here. It has low number of applications and games but it contains best quality applications that are almost free.

How to Fix 0xc00007b ERROR

The error 0xc00007b is very common. It appears most of the time on your screen. It occurs because of installation of the certain application, which is not compatible with your operating system. This problem is sometimes very annoying and does not let you work properly. You have always tried out various solutions but hardly got any useful result. You will be surprised to know that there are various solutions to this problem. You can choose any of these methods to solve this problem.


Ways to get perfect solution

One thing you must remember that there are some application and games which are made for a 32-bit operating system which may not function in another operating system. Similarly, there are some applications which are meant to run on the 62-bit operating system, and that cannot run in 32 it an operating system. Here are some steps to follow for solving this problem.

  • The first thing you can do is reinstall the program with the latest.NET version that is available on the internet.
  • If the problem remains, then uninstall the whole program and reinstall the whole program again. Restart your computer and start the program again.
  • If the problem still persists, then you need to follow some more steps. Go to the root folder of the application that you are trying to run.
  • Right, click or hold the tap button on the application executable file.
  • Left click or tap on the properties feature in the menu that appears.
  • Left click on tap on the compatibility tab.
  • Now under “privilege level”  topic you have to click to check the box and then click “run this program as administrator.”
  • Left click or tap the applied button.
  • Then click the ok button.
  • Now try running the program. You will find the program running.

After following the above methods, you can find the solution to the problem. If you still find the old problem again, then there is another way of solving it.

  • Install all available updates for windows 8.
  • Download the latest Microsoft visual c++.
  • Install c++.
  • Restart your system after the installation is completed.
  • Press the window key and click on “cmd” option.
  • Select “run as administrator” option.
  • Now write on the command prompt option “c:/f/r.”
  • Now try and run the program again after finishing the process.

No more a problem

Following the above process will surely lead to success. The problem of 0xc00007b will be solved with this. You no longer need to worry about this problem. Always remember to get all the updates of the program and operating software. You always have to stay updated. Any mishap can occur if your system is not updated. You can have various other problems if you are not updated. There is no problem in getting a perfect solution if you are updated. The problem of 0xc00007b will no longer disturb you if you follow the above process. do not use the application which do not support your operating system.

 5 Reasons why Windows 10 is better on Laptops than Windows 7

There’s a huge question always that if you have to ditch Windows 7 just to upgrade to Windows 10. But since the new Windows 10 is a free upgrade, there’s always a question if you have to. There is a slight doubt since there are tons of reasons to hate windows 8 & 8.1.

  1. Performance in Gaming

Performance wise, Windows 10 wins by having the best of all. The chief reason being the boot time, its quicker and better. And hardware acceleration wise also, this wins. 
Power management wise also it has improved. Laptops with windows 10 seem to last longer. Little longer than laptops with windows 7. Even Gaming Laptops Under 1000 run the games pretty well in Windows 10 as compared to Windows 7.

Gaming performance is a tie here. Gaming is well known for windows 7 and people prevented themselves from upgrading to windows 10. While windows 10 allowed the pirate users also to upgrade to a genuine one. So, gaming performance was much more evenly matched but windows 10 comes with an exclusive access to the DirectX 12 which promises to unlock tons of features. This means that windows 7 doesn’t have access to DX12.

  1. Design

Talking about the design, Windows 10 is the best. Hands down. With the comeback of the start button, there’s nothing you can miss and there are pretty awesome features that comes along with the windows 10.

Windows 10 continues to change with tons of updates coming up in the future, report says. Here in windows 10 we are talking about the flat and bold styling over desktop icons and other core system features. 


  1. New start menu & screen : Critically talking, the start menu is back and it contains standard stuffs and windows apps. And it has got the new tiles from the windows phone which will update you live. Talking about the windows phone, it has got the mordern UI apps and universal support, which means what you use in phone can be used in your Windows 10.
  2. Cortana:  This is the best move, having your own personal assistant with you everywhere. This prevented the same old search bar at some corner.

4.Task view, windowed apps, tablet mode:

The smart move, the best move. Unlike the windows 8 where the apps take up half the screen and making your screen look smaller, windows 10 has improvised app snapping which allows you to snap 4 apps each occupying four quarters of the screen.

Tablet mode? Whats that. Its a new features that turn your PC view to a more stable phone view if your screen supports touches . This is very similar to the windows phone and is very useful when you have a tablet or laptop with touch screens.

  1. New apps: 
  1. Microsoft edge: Yes, that’s true. This is not another internet explorer. This is so powerful that can even make you to ditch the google chrome. Microsoft edge is the name of the new browser in Windows 10 and offers some unique features and is well advanced than any browser.
  2. No more media center, welcome groove music: Some may actually worry about the removal of the media center. But talking about the new groove center, its pretty cool and awesome. This new groove music combines your local music with any stored online music. It also offers Microsoft’s new streaming feature called the grove which was knows as Xbox music.
  3. Movies & TV app:  This is kinda similar to netflix and allows you to rent or purchase the videos from the store.
  4. Photos: This is the new default photo viewer and has been updated very well, It scans through your PC for picture just like Picasa photo viewer does and if piracy is a concern, this is not a right app to use.